On Syria, Trump, Tucker and Greenwald

My first piece on Medium takes aim at some of the discourse surrounding the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria and the possibility of a U.S. military response:


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The Brooklyn Folk Festival and the popularity of rural music in the city

My article on the Brooklyn Folk Festival and the influx of folk musicians to urban Brooklyn:


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Some Ghouta residents stay in dangerous rebel areas while others go to the government

My old colleague Zouhir Al Shimale and I wrote this article about east Ghouta residents who prefer to brave the bombs and destruction in Ghouta’s shrinking rebel enclave, fearing detention or worse if they go to government areas as others have. He interviewed some residents and a fighter, and I spoke to a frequent Syria commentator about what Assad’s victory in and visit to east Ghouta means for the war. For Middle East Eye:


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Musicians make songs about books

My article on the Bushwick Book Club: a group of artists who write songs about all sorts of books, including thrillers, cookbooks, classics, and more. They’re currently tackling local author Jonathan Ames’ “You Were Never Really Here,” which has been turned into a movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. For Brooklyn Paper:


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NYPD’s neighborhood policing comes to Brooklyn

I spoke to police officers and community leaders about the roll out of the NYPD’s neighborhood policing program in southern Brooklyn, where cops deal exclusively with quality of life issues that detectives and others don’t have time for. Some say it brings back the idea of a “beat cop” who walks up and down a block and knows people by name.


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My interview with the NYPD’s Coney Island precinct commander

I spoke to Deputy Inspector Joseph Hayward about fighting opioids with treatment as opposed to incarceration, reduced crime in the once dangerous neighborhood, and the alleged rape of a woman in custody by two narcotics detectives within the precinct:


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My appearance on TRT World to talk about ‘David Bowie is’

I spoke to TRT’s Efnan Han about the “David Bowie is” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I covered the famed exhibit’s Brooklyn opening for Brooklyn Paper earlier:

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