Proud Boys, Antifa and MILO: rallies in the age of Trump


WASHINGTON – A sea of red Make America Great Again gathered on the National Mall to see President Donald Trump sworn into the office as the 45th president of the United States. January 20, 2017.


WASHINGTON – Counter protesters began marching as soon as the inauguration ended. North of here near K Street, around 200 were arrested after windows were broken and a fire started. January 20, 2017.


NEW YORK – Trump supporters gathered in his hometown of New York City for March 4 Trump events held across the country. March 4, 2017.


NEW YORK – People waved flags and cheered at cars who honked their horns in support of the rally. March 4, 2017.


NEW YORK – Counter protesters marched after the March 4 Trump. March 4, 2017.


NEW YORK – Masked Antifa attended as well. March 4, 2017.


BOSTON – Oath Keepers volunteered to protect attendees of the Boston Free Speech Rally, and prevent clashes between them and the Antifa across Boston Common. May 13, 2017.


BOSTON – The crowd was ideologically diverse, and included members of the Patriot movement, Trump supporters and even some veterans of Occupy Wall Street. May 13, 2017.


BOSTON – Many people brought Kekistan flags to the rally. May 13, 2017.

10-Proud Boys.jpg

BOSTON – Proud Boys initiated new members before the speeches began. May 13, 2017.


BOSTON – Antifa gathered on the hill opposite the Boston Free Speech Rally, separated by members of the Boston Police Department. May 13, 2017.


NEW YORK – People brought Israeli flags, rainbow flags and various anti-Islam signs to the protest against Linda Sarsour’s commencement speech at CUNY. June 1, 2017.


NEW YORK – Protesters gathered to call MILO a variety of slurs before he spoke at the protest against Sarsour. June 1, 2017.

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Cape Cod town rallies for refugees in Beirut

It’s rare that Cape Cod Times runs a story on Syria with a local bend, let alone two in the same day. Read my coverage of a Falmouth group’s efforts to support youth education in a Beirut refugee camp:

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From Cape Cod to the Syrian diaspora

A.J. Naddaff, an Arabic student at Davidson College, forwent his annual summer on Cape Cod to interview prominent Syrian artists living in exile in Europe. My article on his journey:

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A town hall with Senator Warren

Town halls in the U.S. are known for angry constituents airing their grievances at politicians. But aside from a few activists for Republican Geoff Diehl’s Senate campaign outside, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s town hall on Cape Cod Sunday was entirely full of Democrats. Still, she spoke to them and us about the need to engage Trump supporters, the politically indifferent, and others. My latest:

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My crash scene pic in ABC’s Boston affiliate

Cape Cod Times sold my photo of a fatal truck vs SUV rollover crash near the Bourne Bridge to ABC Boston. NBC Boston used the pic as well:

Such a tragedy. Rest In Peace.

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Mysterious sign left at Cape Cod mosque following Manchester attack

A few days after ISIS bombed Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, someone left a sign reading “pray for them” in English and Arabic out front of Cape Cod’s only mosque. It’s unclear whether the person intended to antagonize or support the small Muslim community, and the mosque has decided to leave it up. My latest for Cape Cod Times:


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A Franco-Americain love story

Lucy Duffy’s father, a U.S. soldier in WWI, met her mother, a French foster child of Jewish origins, while traveling through France following the war. It took years, but they eventually married and now their romance is famous in the small French village of Saint-Parize-le-Chatel, helped by a set of vignettes Duffy published. My article for Cape Cod Times, picked up by AP:

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