Stuck in Idlib

Syria’s Idlib province is host to tens of thousands of IDPs, including those evacuated from east Aleppo. Unwilling to go to government areas and with the Turkish border essentially closed, residents of the Taiba camp on the Turkish border wait the winter out in tents, subsisting on food aid. Latest for Al Jazeera English with Zouhir Al Shimale, including his pics too:

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Opposing Trump in the sticks

Falmouth, Massachusetts isn’t really “the sticks,” but it’s a town of just a few thousand. While a massive protest occurred in Boston an hour away, 100 activists and residents gathered for a candlelit vigil in opposition to president Trump’s executive order. My latest for Cape Cod Times:

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One ticket to DC

I spent much of the inauguration chasing down people from Cape Cod who made the 8+ hour drive to DC for the event. Some were Trump supporters, and I knew of others who came for the protests, but did not get a chance to speak with them. A group of high school students attended as well. While they were mixed politically, most were happy to be there and witness history. We spoke as tense protests were happening downtown, which I got to later.

The 2016 election definitely divided America, but beyond the headlines you’ll see that people are still people and, for the most part, get along.

My words/pics:

And here are some more pics of the inauguration and protests:

Inaug 2.JPGProtest 2.JPG

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From Aleppo to Idlib

Many of the thousands evacuated from east Aleppo are now in Idlib: a rural area where JFS is strong. It may be the site of a pending battle between government and rebel forces, but, for now, the evacuees say it’s more peaceful than their former city. Read our latest for Al Jazeera, which includes Zouhir Al Shimale’s pics of the evacuation process as well.

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Aleppo solidarity protests come to NYC

The worldwide protests in solidarity with Aleppo, Syria have come to New York City. Some of Friday’s attendees were leftists who wanted to denounce those among their ideological comrades who support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. I spoke to them, other attendees and my colleague in Aleppo Zouhir Al Shimale to produce this.Words/pics for The New Arab below:

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Displaced people in east Aleppo tell their stories

Some people fled farther south into rebel territory in east Aleppo as the army advanced in the north. Read about conditions in the rapidly shrinking rebel area through the eyes of two displaced residents, a rebel fighter, a medic and Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

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Kurds bringing their own guns to fight ISIS

Some Kurdish peshmerga soldiers use US-made guns they bought from private dealers in the battle for Mosul. Kurds often use AK-47s, which are reliable guns, but inferior to M-16s, and M-4s from the US. Other peshmerga soldiers receive German and American guns directly. Many soldiers are resentful that the Iraqi army receives many US weapons, whereas some peshmergas need to buy them on their own. And many of the guns sold by private dealers were themselves US-made guns left behind by the Iraqi army when they lost to ISIS in 2014. My last report from the Middle East – for now.

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