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Perspectives on Kirkuk from Kurds in Iran, Syria and Turkey (Arabic translation)

The Arabic translation of my article on Kurdish politics and the battle of Kirkuk for Al-Monitor: Advertisements

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Kurds divided over loss of Kirkuk

The Iraqi victory over Kurdistan in Kirkuk exposed the autonomous region’s weaknesses and divisions. Kurds in Iran, Syria and Turkey have an array of opinions on who is to blame for the ordeal. Mohammad Abdulssattar Ibrahim, from Syria Direct, and I … Continue reading

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British YPG/Peshmerga volunteer speaks the truth about life as a foreigner fighting ISIS

Jimmy,  a British Army veteran of the Iraq War, has volunteered as a combat medic with both the YPG in Syria and the Peshmerga in Iraq. He’s one of hundreds of Western volunteers to fight with the Kurdish groups in … Continue reading

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Cape Cod town rallies for refugees in Beirut

It’s rare that Cape Cod Times runs a story on Syria with a local bend, let alone two in the same day. Read my coverage of a Falmouth group’s efforts to support youth education in a Beirut refugee camp:

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From Cape Cod to the Syrian diaspora

A.J. Naddaff, an Arabic student at Davidson College, forwent his annual summer on Cape Cod to interview prominent Syrian artists living in exile in Europe. My article on his journey:

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More Syrian reactions to Trump’s shift in policy

While Syrians in rebel territories praised Trump following his decision to bomb Assad’s air force, there remain doubts about what US policy is. We spoke to two Halab Today TV correspondents and Northeastern University professor Max Abrahms for this one: … Continue reading

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Arabic Twitter praises Trump after bombing of Syrian air force

Concerns about Trump’s statements on Muslims seemed to whither away late Thursday night as Arabs on Twitter celebrated the US bombing of the Syrian air force’s Shayrat airfield. ترامب ماله الا بضعة شهور واتخذ قرار مصيري والعرب لهم ٧ سنوات … Continue reading

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