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More Syrian reactions to Trump’s shift in policy

While Syrians in rebel territories praised Trump following his decision to bomb Assad’s air force, there remain doubts about what US policy is. We spoke to two Halab Today TV correspondents and Northeastern University professor Max Abrahms for this one: … Continue reading

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Arabic Twitter praises Trump after bombing of Syrian air force

Concerns about Trump’s statements on Muslims seemed to whither away late Thursday night as Arabs on Twitter celebrated the US bombing of the Syrian air force’s Shayrat airfield. ترامب ماله الا بضعة شهور واتخذ قرار مصيري والعرب لهم ٧ سنوات … Continue reading

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Stuck in Idlib

Syria’s Idlib province is host to tens of thousands of IDPs, including those evacuated from east Aleppo. Unwilling to go to government areas and with the Turkish border essentially closed, residents of the Taiba camp on the Turkish border wait … Continue reading

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From Aleppo to Idlib

Many of the thousands evacuated from east Aleppo are now in Idlib: a rural area where JFS is strong. It may be the site of a pending battle between government and rebel forces, but, for now, the evacuees say it’s … Continue reading

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Aleppo solidarity protests come to NYC

The worldwide protests in solidarity with Aleppo, Syria have come to New York City. Some of Friday’s attendees were leftists who wanted to denounce those among their ideological comrades who support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. I spoke to them, other … Continue reading

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Displaced people in east Aleppo tell their stories

Some people fled farther south into rebel territory in east Aleppo as the army advanced in the north. Read about conditions in the rapidly shrinking rebel area through the eyes of two displaced residents, a rebel fighter, a medic and … Continue reading

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East Aleppo’s last hospital

Despite reports last week that east Aleppo was without hospitals after heavy Russia and Syrian government airstrikes, one hospital is still operating, though I have no confirmation of their status today. Their work is incredibly difficult as the government moves … Continue reading

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