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Kurdish General Wahed Kovle: ‘loved and feared’

Peshmerga General Wahed Kovle died February 3 of a brain stroke, according to Kurdistan 24. Kovle commanded the Dohuk anti-terror unit in Baqofah, Iraq: an Assyrian village in the Nineveh province north of Mosul, and was admired by his soldiers. … Continue reading

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Kurds bringing their own guns to fight ISIS

Some Kurdish peshmerga soldiers use US-made guns they bought from private dealers in the battle for Mosul. Kurds often use AK-47s, which are reliable guns, but inferior to M-16s, and M-4s from the US. Other peshmerga soldiers receive German and … Continue reading

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Some Iraqi Turkmen are against Turkey’s military presence near Mosul

Iraqi Turkmen are descendants of Ottoman settlers in Iraq, and still speak a Turkic language. But some, though supportive of the fight against ISIS, are opposing Turkey’s military presence in Bashiqa, northeast of Mosul. My words/pics from the front for … Continue reading

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Marching towards Mosul with the Peshmerga

The Peshmerga is the official military of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, but they are also supported by volunteers who came for the Mosul battle against ISIS.┬áMy words/pics from a Peshmerga frontline northeast of Mosul for Al Jazeera … Continue reading

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Who are the 18 killed in action YPG volunteers?

I put together this photo piece on the YPG’s foreign volunteers who have died while fighting ISIS in Syria with the Kurdish group. It includes a complete list of the dead. They are mostly from the West, but some are … Continue reading

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RIP, Jack Shirley

In February 2015, I interviewed Levi “Jack” Shirley, an American who was in the process of moving to Syria to fight ISIS with the YPG, for a Rockland County Times article. He used a nom du guerre at the time … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go on the frontlines with ISIS

Yup. Spoke to the Marine volunteering in the Dwekh Nawsha militia near Mosul on his viral Facebook pic showing the Pokemon squirtle above his turret:

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