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Chatting with Barney Frank on campaigns

My interview with former Democratic congressman Barney Frank on the financial struggles of running for office. He showed up to a fundraiser on Cape Cod to help a former state senate candidate retire her campaign debt over the weekend: reading

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More Syrian reactions to Trump’s shift in policy

While Syrians in rebel territories praised Trump following his decision to bomb Assad’s air force, there remain doubts about what US policy is. We spoke to two Halab Today TV correspondents and Northeastern University professor Max Abrahms for this one: … Continue reading

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Arabic Twitter praises Trump after bombing of Syrian air force

Concerns about Trump’s statements on Muslims seemed to whither away late Thursday night as Arabs on Twitter celebrated the US bombing of the Syrian air force’s Shayrat airfield. ترامب ماله الا بضعة شهور واتخذ قرار مصيري والعرب لهم ٧ سنوات … Continue reading

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Red in a blue city: New Yorkers for Trump

New York — Although New York City is President Donald Trump’s hometown, his critics far outnumber his supporters in The Big Apple. They are there, however. Osai, a resident of the Bronx, is one of them. On March 4th, he made … Continue reading

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From Brazil to Cape Cod

Cape Cod is not just a summer destination; it’s home to a large year-round Brazilian community. Each week, about a hundred of them get together to play futsal – a type of indoor soccer. Despite being located in a small … Continue reading

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Kurdish General Wahed Kovle: ‘loved and feared’

Peshmerga General Wahed Kovle died February 3 of a brain stroke, according to Kurdistan 24. Kovle commanded the Dohuk anti-terror unit in Baqofah, Iraq: an Assyrian village in the Nineveh province north of Mosul, and was admired by his soldiers. … Continue reading

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Martha’s Vineyard Brazilians fear deportation

Martha’s Vineyard is known as an up-scale vacation spot for the rich and famous. The Obamas have vacationed there, as have many other elites. It’s year-round population includes the large Brazilian community. Some of have overstayed their visas illegally, and … Continue reading

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