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The Kurds in the Iraqi army

Caught between their people and the state they serve, Kurds in the Iraqi army fear for their jobs and lives in today’s Iraq where Kurdistan and Iraq are fighting over disputed territories. My latest: Advertisements

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Tuz Khurmatu: ‘The doors to Kirkuk’

Tuz Khurmatu is a mixed Kurdish, Turkmen and Arab city about 55 miles south of Kirkuk. During the battle of Kirkuk beginning on October 15, Iraqi forces took the city from Kurdish forces. A day later, they moved onto Kirkuk. … Continue reading

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Shia militia said they wouldn’t attack Kirkuk before battle

Before the victory of Iraqi forces against Kurdish forces in Kirkuk on Monday, I spoke to the leader of the PMF – a pro-government, largely Shia militia – in the city. He said they had no plans to attack the … Continue reading

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A Yazidi returnee to Shingal tells his story

ISIS took the Yazidi city of Shingal, Iraq in 2014 and was expelled in 2015, but many of the inhabitants still live in camps in the Kurdistan region. Despite poor living conditions and uncertainty following the Kurdistan independence referendum, some … Continue reading

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Catalan media on Kurdish independence

The Kurdistan independence referendum was covered considerably in Catalan and Spanish media, and there’s a small nationalist group working to foster ties between Catalonia and Kurdistan. While the Kurdistan independence referendum in Iraq went down peacefully, the one in Catalonia, … Continue reading

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