Red in a blue city: New Yorkers for Trump

New York — Although New York City is President Donald Trump’s hometown, his critics far outnumber his supporters in The Big Apple. They are there, however. Osai, a resident of the Bronx, is one of them. On March 4th, he made the long schlepp on the subway to show his support for the president, standing in the cold for three hours while engaging in political conversation. “The mainstream media thinks that Donald Trump supporters are racist,” he said. “But here am I, a person of color, a Trump supporter.”

As a teen, as a minority, and as a New Yorker, Osai experienced something new at his first Trump rally: he isn’t usually in the company of so many Trump supporters. He said he only knows “one, maybe two” in the Bronx. “I try to keep it silent, only if people really want to know about it do I say I support Trump casually,” Osai said, referring to his neighborhood. “If I say I’m a hardcore Trump supporter, or a Republican in general, then I get a lot of questions and a lot of criticism for that.”

Like many of his fellow Trumpers, Osai was pushed to Trump’s camp by concerns about the economy, illegal immigration and globalism. Take a look at the following images of New Yorkers for Trump.

3-ChinaA group of Chinese-American Trump supporters at the March 4th rally. “They keep protesting. It’s not good for the country. We need to unite,” said Amber Jing, right, referring to the counter protests across the street. “It’s not for the Chinese. We need equal opportunity and law enforcement.”

2-Legal immigrantOne of a handful of second generation immigrants at the rally.

1-JapanRocky Uchoamura, a Japanese immigrant to the US. Uchoamura said globalism has hurt both the Japanese and US economies. At the rally, he handed out books by Ryuho Okawa, founder of the Happy Science religious movement in Japan, sometimes referred to as a “cult”.

4-IsraelA man sporting a “Make American Great Again” hat while holding a Gadsden flag — an icon of the Tea Party Movement. On his back, an Israeli flag.

5-BrazilA Brazilian woman, who only spoke Portuguese and some Spanish. To the left, another man with a Gadsden flag.

6-RussiaA Russian flag sign with “Trump” written on it in Cyrllic letters. The man holding it was heckled. One man shouted “get outta here” and “go back to Russia” at him, another accused him of being a CIA plant, and finally, a woman took his sign. It eventually ended up in the trash.

A pin in support of Brexit. Will Marine Le Pen’s election in France be the next victory for nationalism (or racism to her critics) in the West?

A passerby cheers on the Trump supporters.

7-RallyFlags waving towards the end of the rally. Some cars honked in support as they drove by. All in all, around 100 attended. A few passersby stopped by the Trump camp to converse and debate, a few to yell. Across the street, a few hundred counter protesters had gathered by the end.

The rally was first announced on Facebook, and then spread. Henry Grullon, one of the organizers, also took the subway from his Bronx home to attend. “The Bronx is about 92% Democrat, 8% Republican,” said Grullon, amidst “U-S-A” chants beside him. “Being of Latino descent, and American-born, I get a lot of backlash.”

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  1. Henry Grullon says:

    Awesome work and Thank you for covering this event with professionalism and honesty..
    Henry Grullon
    Event Organizer for March 4 Trump NYC

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    A balanced article from the media. This is why I follow Adam Lucente

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    Earth Experience


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    Interesting article in such a critical era.
    keep up with the good work.

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