Kurdish General Wahed Kovle: ‘loved and feared’

Peshmerga General Wahed Kovle died February 3 of a brain stroke, according to Kurdistan 24. Kovle commanded the Dohuk anti-terror unit in Baqofah, Iraq: an Assyrian village in the Nineveh province north of Mosul, and was admired by his soldiers.

Mike, an Iraqi-born refugee from Norway better known by his Instagram handle @peshmerganor, fought under Kovle in the Mosul, Tel Eskof and other battles, and remembers him as a general’s general.

“He was always fearless in battle and would never allow anyone to be in front of him,” said Mike. “He was always up front with an RPG or Panzerfaust, making sure that he would be the first man to face danger.” Mike is the name he gives to Norwegian and international media.

The Dohuk anti-terror unit participated in Peshmerga operations against ISIS in the battle for Mosul starting in 2016. They helped liberate neighboring Batnaya from ISIS the same month.

Louis, a US Marine veteran and former volunteer with Baqofah-based Christian paramilitary group Dwekh Nawsha, says Kovle supported his troops in non-military ways too. 

“He always looked after his guys. Fed them when they didn’t get paid,” he said. Louis declines to give his full name to media. “He was loved and feared by all his men.”

(Baqofah, Iraq – Kurdistan Regional Government)

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2 Responses to Kurdish General Wahed Kovle: ‘loved and feared’

  1. mariangeles rada-soto says:

    Hello Adam,

    I am a Spanish doctor. I have been in Greece last year, as an independent volunteer in a camp. I still work with refugees living in Europe.
    I need to contact Zouhir AlShimale but I have no way to do so. Could you please give me an email or whatsapp number? or Could you send this message to him? I read his twitter. Recently he wrote about the case of a family living in a refugee camp in northern Syria; the children need medical assistance and I could help them.
    I have no way to contact Muhmad AlShimale neither, the man who knows the story well. I guess Muhmad is Zouhir`s brother.

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Mariángeles Rada-Soto


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