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Marching towards Mosul with the Peshmerga

The Peshmerga is the official military of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq, but they are also supported by volunteers who came for the Mosul battle against ISIS.┬áMy words/pics from a Peshmerga frontline northeast of Mosul for Al Jazeera … Continue reading

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Meet east Aleppo’s farmers

East Aleppo remains besieged and government forces and their allies are advancing into the rebel territory. But a farm on the city’s outskirts is growing vegetables to help alleviate the city’s price hikes and food shortages. Includes interviews with the … Continue reading

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Will the peshmerga and Shia militias fight after ISIS is defeated in Iraq?

After a peshmerga commander criticized Shia militias during plans to retake Hawija from ISIS, I spoke to a different peshmerga soldier and analyzed whether these two groups will fight in the country.

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