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Patient transfers to Turkey from Aleppo stop with government siege

Latest report on the humanitarian situation in rebel-held east Aleppo for Al Jazeera English. With my colleague in Aleppo:   Advertisements

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Don’t let Nusra’s name change fool you

Nusra Front may have a new name, but the notion that they’re no longer linked to Al-Qaeda is false. My analysis:

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Syrian government cuts off Aleppo supply route

People in rebel-controlled Aleppo say they’re running out of food, gas and other essentials, and some aid organizations don’t see an end in sight. The government cut off Aleppo’s only supply route. With my colleague in Aleppo for Al Jazeera: … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go on the frontlines with ISIS

Yup. Spoke to the Marine volunteering in the Dwekh Nawsha militia near Mosul on his viral Facebook pic showing the Pokemon squirtle above his turret:

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Exchanging money in Aleppo, Syria

Finally a byline not from my day job. Wrote this for The New Arab in London with my colleague Zouhir Al Shimale in Aleppo. He spoke to currency exchangers and I spoke to Western Union and we came up with … Continue reading

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