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Is the alt right Islamophobic?

This article is largely based on a conservation with alt right thinker Richard Spencer: a self-described ‘identitarian’ labelled by some others as a white supremacist. He supports both Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims and less US wars against Muslims countries, … Continue reading

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Inside an abandoned Christian village on the front with ISIS

What will Iraqi Christians come home to if/when the greater Mosul area is liberated from ISIS? Take a look inside Baqofah, Iraq to find out:

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Will Israel and Hezbollah go to war again?

Here’s a timeline of recent reports of a third war between Hezbollah and Israel alongside pics of some areas significantly affected by the 2006 war:

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Refugees go home to fight ISIS

My second article on @peshmerganor and @peshmergaswe on Instagram. These two left their lives in Scandinavia behind to return to Iraq (where they fled from as kids) to fight ISIS. From Baqofah, Iraq on a peshmerga frontline:

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New York meets Assyria

I get homesick sometimes. For some reason, Ankwa, Erbil, Iraq-Kurdistan region (please appreciate I’m trying to not piss anyone off with the name) reminds me of home. Wrote this travel piece on life there and it’s similarities to Rockland County, … Continue reading

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