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To drive or not to drive

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to ban all driving in one of the country’s most populous regions over a few inches of snow concerns us all, not just New Yorkers. This article looks at the precedent for his … Continue reading

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War on Terror: Europe

Sounds like a cool title for a video game, doesn’t it? This article explores the prospect of Europe becoming the next frontier in the War on Terror. Includes interviews with AEI’s Gary Schmitt and GWU’s Stephen Biddle.

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Grand Theft Auto: Arab City

The following took place during the summer of 2011 in an Arab capital city, just a few months after the start of the Arab Spring. I got home from Arabic class to find one of my roommate’s students in front of the … Continue reading

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هل المسيحيون يؤمنون بألله؟

تونس-مكان ميلاد الربيع العربي و أنا في تاكسي. عندي نطق أجنبي. “إنتِ من أِين؟” يسأل هو. أنا أقول له “أنا من نيو يورك” (أمريكا بلد كبيرة). أنا كنت الأمريكي الأول الذي هو تعرف على. و بعد ذلك هو يقول لي … Continue reading

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How do you say ‘gay marriage’ in Arabic?

The following took place in a prominent Arab capital. We had just learned the Arabic word for ‘controversy’ (jadal) when Sheikh (his real name actually did have “sheikh” in it) asked us: “what is an example of a controversial issue … Continue reading

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