Meet the Azerbaijani journalist turned Brooklynite restaurant owner

Ramel Huseynov ran a talk show back in Azerbaijan, but it got shut down after he started discussing revenues at the state-controlled oil company in the energy-rich country. Unable to find work after that, he recently moved to Brooklyn, where he’s opened a Turkish restaurant. Turkish food is similar to Azerbaijani, but more recognizable for Americans, according to him. My latest words/pics:

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Gender-segregated beaches in New York City

A councilman has proposed having two beach days, one solely for men and one solely for women, at a public college this summer to accommodate observant Jewish and Muslim swimmers who don’t go to beaches with members of the opposite sex. But now the school that agreed to host the events is looking into whether they can legally do so:

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Brooklyn marches for Palestine

Activists held a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Bay Ridge – a heavily Palestinian neighborhood in Brooklyn – for “Nakba” day. Hours earlier, the U.S. opened its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.

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Syria in drawings

This article is on the “Syria In Ink” exhibit at Brooklyn Public Library, which is based on the upcoming illustrated memoir by Marwan Hisham and Molly Crabapple. Hisham wrote about his life under ISIS rule in Raqqa and Mosul, while Crabapple drew based on his accounts, as well as social media images of protests, bombings and the like. For Brooklyn Paper:

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The faltering of the Kurdish experiment in Kirkuk

My first piece for Middle East Center for Research and Analysis looks at the disputed city of Kirkuk, specifically how the Kurds miscalculated Iraq’s military strength, ISIS’ renewed activity, and differing Kurdish and Turkmen views on who should rule the city. It includes pics from my last visit in September as well as interviews with fighters and politicians on both sides of the Iraqi-Kurdish conflict :

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My interview with Ariana and the Rose

I spoke to Ariana and the Rose’s frontwoman Ariana DiLorenzo about her space-themed music and dance show at House of Yes, where partiers can dance with interactive characters dressed as aliens:

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BC Studio celebrates 35th anniversary

My article on the iconic BC Studio in Brooklyn. I interviewed its founder Martin Bisi and some of the punk, experimental and avant garde acts that have recorded there over the years.

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